Artist Abush and his kid best video


The freedom battles were in different manners affected by the mutual thoughts of Ethiopian ism, Pan African ism and the African Renaissance. These thoughts were not simply made. They are the results of the legacy and history of Africa's various freedom battles. Africa's solidarity is as yet holding on to be made. Ethiopian ism, Pan African ism and the African Renaissance will give the central thoughts and dreams for reevaluating, re-planning and re-designing the African joined futures.The negative damaging period must be instructed with a full valuation for the positive information of the African freedom and obstruction verifiable legacy so the inheritance of expansionism, dominion, politically-sanctioned racial segregation, neo-imperialism and all assortments of abuse never again influence Africans from the manner in which they think, to the manner in which they learn, work and look. Time to return to and recall all the freedom battles to become Africans with solidarity and renaissance communicating full pride, nobility, independence, self-assurance, opportunity and autonomy. 


c The African prospects are worked with the creative mind and information on the freedom battle history and legacy by learning and defeating the rest of the dangers and threats from the inheritance of the dangerous period. What's to come is made by acknowledging and gaining from the freedom battles how Africans attempted their best to meet up when assaults were aimed at them.

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