What Happened at Bole Airport


In 1988 they unite with another Marxist gathering battling for provincial freedom, the TPLF or Tigre People's Liberation Front. In 1990, in the most vital stage of all, they catch Massawa, removing Ethiopia's connection with the ocean.


In the interim the TPLF have converged with one more guerrilla association to frame the EPRDF or Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. Together they move south through Gondar and into the territory of Welo.


Faced with this apparently unyielding development, Mengistu reports an extreme difference in approach. Communism is to be deserted. Resettled workers return to their old domains. Products having a place with the state are seized in a temperament of turmoil. Neighborhood authorities lose all power. The military becomes unsettled. Mengistu's situation is particularly more terrible.

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