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Today, the gathering settled on open choices from the gathering which featured purposes of distinction with the decision alliance, Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, a gathering it used to rule for about three decades. 


Ideological treachery, assemblies against PLF and the individuals of Ti gray, and "illicit developments" on issues identified with personality and limit issues (TPL accepts issues like these have been tended to by the constitution for the last time) against the enthusiasm of the individuals of Ti gray are some cardinal focuses that TPL is griping about. 


The gathering accepts that progressive popular government, the philosophy it contributed the decision alliance and filled in as guardian, is confronting dangers from inner circles inside the decision party since ongoing years. Exertion to guarantee "inside and out restoration", as TPL calls it, in light of a legitimate concern for congruity of the political ideology which the gathering hold dear for as long as 27 years has not been a triumph.

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