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The story of Sirak and Tita. In the gathering, he proposed and she said OK. Our relationship is private region driven. There are around 20 Indian associations that have spread out farms in Ethiopia. For example, in the sugar handling plant, there is only a solitary private sugar creation line in Ethiopia and that is an Indian plant near Nekemt. There's also another Indian modern office that creates sugarcane and mango estate. Then, at that point, we have different strawberry farms and moreover two or three development farms.


Moreover, I think, a same or more number of Ethiopian students are also analyzing on a self-supporting reason. That is because the standard of tutoring in India is astounding on overall circumstances and the instructive costs or the utilization is almost sensible, and the lifestyle and people are relative. Believe it or not, Ethiopian students probably are the first or second greatest social event of students from Africa examining in India.

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