Mhiretab speech


In 1926, after the passing of Abuna Mathewos, Emperor Haile Selassie I, then, at that point, Ras Tafari, started to haggle for the arrangement of an Ethiopian local Bishop to be top of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It was concurred by His Holiness Patriarch Cyril V and by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Church, and in May 1929, five Ethiopian Bishops were bishoped without precedent for the historical backdrop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Sadly, every one of the five Bishops were killed by the Italian powers during the five-year war (1935-1940) by Mussolini.


April 6, 1971, as the Church arrived at the most noteworthy pinnacle of the Patriarchal seat when Abuna Theophilus was chosen Patriarch, close to Abuna Basilos the principal Ethiopian local Patriarch who became minister in Alexandria and passed on in 1970.

The three gatherings the committee of Nicaea on 325A.D, the chamber of Constantinople 381A.D, and Epheus 431A.D which admitted the Son of God and denounced Arius' recipe are totally been acknowledged by the Ethiopia Orthodox Church, yet the Ethiopia Orthodox Church denies the Council of Chalcedon at 451A.D directed by Pope Leo I which lectures the equation of the "two qualities" against that of "one nature".

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