The untold story of Sayat Demissie


Tendency of the Ethiopian film industry appears to be a long way from the country's way of life and cultural standards. 


It reflects less the genuine picture of individuals' lives. On-screen characters' statement utilization, discourse emphasize, dressing style just as the highlighting music are separated from the local propriety or cultural standards. As indicated by the Ethiopian Film Makers Association Vice-President Dessalegn Hailu, the greater part of the country's movies are inadequate in indigenous culture for the explanation that they are formed by producers who are chiefly engaged in the capital. 


The second release of Colors of the Nile International Film Festival (CON IFF) dispatches on Monday 24 March 2014 featuring 48 African movie contributions from around the mainland, which will all be African, East African or Ethiopian debuts from African chiefs or makers.

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