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The Framework covers the thought processes or motivations and the ability to perpetrate outrage wrongdoings, the nonappearance of relieving factors, and empowering conditions or preliminary activities, and activating variables. It contends there is no particular intention or motivating force that will naturally prompt monstrosity violations, yet some are bound to, particularly those that depend on exclusionary philosophy, and the development of characters regarding "us" and "them". The intentions of the between ethnic clashes, be it GUI and Video or Oromo and nonporous Addis Ababa inhabitants, very regularly identify with financial and social exclusionary belief systems. The recorded, political, monetary or even social condition under which such philosophies create are likewise significant. The empowering conditions are viewed as a significant key to the commission of abomination violations; and there are some unmistakable current models obvious in Ethiopia. Additionally, the exercises of the legislature to attempt to manage issues, when they have arrived at this point, are likewise a central point:

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