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The 32-year-old secondary teacher was among the most recent losses in the contention between government powers and renegades in Ethiopia's Roma area. 


The savagery bases on requests by an extremist gathering for the "freedom" of Roma - a tremendous rap of land that is home to Ethiopia's biggest ethnic gathering, the Oromo - and the ensuing security crackdown. 


It has prompted regular citizens being trapped in the crossfire - including Mr Similar. His family affirm that he was executed after around 10 cops took him from his home in Seneca town the evening of 19 November. 


Unhinged pursuit 


"His better half - the mother of his two youngsters - implored them to take her all things being equal, yet they disclosed to her, he would be back after some doubting," said a family member, who addressed BBC Asian Promo on state of secrecy because of a paranoid fear of responses. 


The educator stayed away forever. His family said that after a frenzied pursuit they discovered his body, alongside those of two, two or after three days. 


"There was a waterway, and they murdered him on a stone close to it. He was shot from behind; his options were limited at the back. It would appear that they utilized him as an objective for shooting training," the relative claimed. 


Endeavors to acquire remark from the Roma Special Police Force were ineffective, however Roma territorial government representative Detached Bach said he was ignorant of the security powers erroneously blaming individuals for being aligned with the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). 


"Measures are taken distinctly against those whose wrongdoings are known and uncovered by individuals," he disclosed to BBC Asian Promo. 


"Be that as it may, anybody found to have perpetrated a wrongdoing, including police individuals and government authorities, would be considered responsible," he added. 


The Roma Special Police Force has progressively gotten engaged with activities pointed toward subduing the rebellion in the southern and western pieces of Roma

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