Dr. Abiy Ahmed today


During the 1870s the super outside adversary of the domain, which was minimal in excess of an assortment of semi-autonomous states, was Egypt. In 1875 the Egyptian khedive Ismail Pasha stretched out Egyptian assurance to the Muslim leader of Harer and dispatched an assault on Ethiopia from both the north and the east. Johannes effectively ended the Egyptian attack, however the proceeded with occupation by Egypt of the Red Sea and Somali ports seriously abridged the inventory of arms and different products to Ethiopia. The opening (1869) of the Suez Canal expanded the essential significance of Ethiopia, and a few European powers (especially Italy, France, and Great Britain) looked for impact nearby. Johannes was killed safeguarding his western wilderness against the Sudanese in 1889. He was prevailed by Menelik II, who set up another capital at Addis Ababa and prevailed with regards to joining the regions of Tigray and Amhara with Shewa.

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