Fun Moments at Ethiopian Parliament PM Meles Vs Ato Bulcha


A week ago Ethiopia has been commending the seventh commemoration of the beginning of the development of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (HERD). The country is likewise wanting to begin power age on the Dam this year. As per the Office of National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of HERD, two turbines each with ability to create 375 MW have just been introduced and are standing by to test power age. 


The HERD, which will be Africa's biggest dam upon finish with a complete volume of 74 billion cubic meters, was begun in April 2011 with an expense of more than 4.7 billion U.S. dollars. This undertaking, claimed and financed by the Ethiopian government, has arrived at 64 percent culmination. It is accepted that the power created from the dam will be sold as far north to Morocco and as far south to Tanzania while in excess of 50 percent of the dam's power will be offered to Nile River Basin and neighboring nations.

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