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The arrangement was one of kinship and participation, however its Amharic and Italian variants contrasted, and the Italians asserted that it made all of Ethiopia their protectorate. Thus, war broke out among Italy and Ethiopia in 1895, and Italian powers were conclusively crushed at Adwa (Aduwa) the next year. Italy had to perceive the freedom of Ethiopia, and Menelik’s present-day limits. The replacement of Menelik, Emperor Lij Iyasu (ruled 1913-1916), was dismissed for his auntie, delegated Empress Zauditu. Tafari Makonnen, her cousin, was chosen as likely successor; he prevailed to the privileged position as Haile Selassie I. In 1931 he conceded Ethiopia its first constitution.


With the ascent of the despot Benito Mussolini, Italian plans toward Ethiopia were restored, and in October 1935 Italy attacked the nation (see Italy: The Ethiopian Campaign). An endeavor by the League of Nations to end the triumph fizzled. Addis Ababa tumbled to the intruders, and in May 1936 Mussolini declared Italy's King Victor Emmanuel III ruler of Ethiopia. Haile Selassie had to escape the nation and take asylum in England, however he was reestablished to the lofty position by British and Ethiopian powers in 1941.

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