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Simet film recounts a verifiable story set in the earth shattering Zemene Mesafint period. Siblings Mesfin and Endalk vie for their dad's seat in Gondar. Murder and sell out overflow with the realm doing combating with adjoining realms Gojam and Shoa. While the ruler of Gondar concludes who will succeed him and make harmony inside the separated country, the child, Endalk, is properly dubious that his more youthful sibling Mesfin is the top choice and likely replacement. 


Author, chief and maker of the film Heldana Belayneh has been chipping away at the venture for a very long time. She says she has attempted to cause a film with a particularly Ethiopian to feel that little youngsters can watch and use as extra verifiable asset. With costs near 2.8 million birr to create, Simet is an arresting story of the period of rulers. 


Barely ever found in the Ethiopian entertainment world, Simet introduces a troublesome topic for motion pictures up to this point. Producers have pampered and belittled Ethiopian crowds, looking to a modest snicker and speedy buck as opposed to depicting genuine or relatable stories. Simet may not be totally executed however in any event it demonstrates Ethiopian movie producers have range. 


The feature of the film is Yidnekachew Tesfaye. Playing the abhorrent Endalk calm wonderfully, his fiercely moving mind-sets fabricate the strained environment of the film. 


The most beguiling Meskerem Abera that plays the adoration interest of Mesfin and little girl of the ruler of Gojam lights up the strain welcomed on by Endalk. 

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