GERD will continue its work as planned


While an impressive number of ethnic Oromo fanatics living abroad required an ethnic purging against "neftegan" (their code word for ethnic Amhara)using web-based social networking stages and radical Oromo news sources in the days after the killing of Hachalu Hundessa, there were some Oromo Ethiopians who were appalled and embarrassed by boorish assaults on ethnic Amhara and devastated their properties. Having seen what occurred in the previous not many days, says Mekonen Molla, "I am embarrassed to tell my kids that I am an Oromo" 


He said he affirmed the report from his family members back in Ethiopia. He additionally said that he has seen messages for ethnic purging on Oromia Media Network. 


In his video message he passed on both in Amharic and Oromifa and uncovering the puzzling idea of Oromo question, he solicits "what sort of 'opportunity' is the individuals of Oromo looking for?

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