Eskinder Nega and Aboye Sebhat met at Prison


Wearing non-military personnel garments and equipped, the men began to address Lucy, inquiring whether she had an association with the Ti gray people's Liberation Front (TPF), the territorial furnished gathering blamed for assaulting the government armed force in Ethiopia's Ti gray district. 


"From the outset I didn't know what they were searching for in my home since they made a major wreck," she said. "They attempted to cross-examine me on the off chance that I have a type of relationship with the 'PLF junta.'" 


The men didn't say why they were addressing Lucy, yet the columnist figures it very well may be identified with her new inclusion for global media. 


The assault came that very week that she distributed a piece in the Los Angeles Times paper about vicious assaults supposedly completed by Eritrean officers in Ti gray, the northernmost piece of Ethiopia that has been the location of battling among troops and the PLF since November. 


Lucy says she thinks the article made her an objective since she had been gathering proof that seemed to show Eritrean powers were working in Ti gray. 


"They were searching for proof. I really presented the story on Saturday however I was searching for more proof," Lucy said. "Also, simultaneously, I figured out how to get pictures of Eritrean fighters from my source."

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