An unforgettable true love story


On the off chance that the young lady figures out how to withstand every one of these difficulties and graduates from school, she will be gotten with one more abuse at her work environment. Most Ethiopian men don't show the suitable regard to ladies. Men in Ethiopia are as yet uncertain if a lady can think, work and serve similarly with a man. Just couple of Ethiopians think about ladies for different purposes than sex apparatuses. Numerous ladies in Ethiopia are assaulted and mishandled by their managers. Announcing of assault attack to the police is uncommon and thought about an untouchable. Contacting the body of a lady, attacking, squeezing and once in a while beating a lady is yet to be viewed as a criminal offense in Ethiopia. A few men associated with the actual attack of ladies anticipate that the victim should be satisfied with their demonstration and maybe Ethiopia is the nation facilitating enormous number of such transients. Such practice is viewed as typical in rustic pieces of the country, and the provincial men mirror their propensity when coming to metropolitan regions.

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