Heartbreaking life the woman


We might have some restricted capacity to change the climate, yet we do as such at the danger of disturbing a biological equilibrium we don't completely comprehend. Additionally, we can organize an enchantment or mount a romance, however the outcome is bound to be fixation, or two hallucinations moving together, than adoration. 


Love is greater than you are. You can welcome love, yet you can't direct how, when, and where love puts itself out there. You can decide to give up to adore or not, yet eventually, love strikes like lightning: flighty and verifiable. You can even wind up cherishing individuals you don't care for the slightest bit. Love doesn't accompany conditions, specifications, addenda, or codes. Like the sun, love emanates autonomously of our apprehensions and wants. 


Love is innately free. It can't be purchased, sold, or exchanged. You can't make somebody love you, nor would you be able to forestall it — not for any measure of cash. Love can't be detained, nor would it be able to be administered.

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