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Over the most recent five years of the nineteenth century, the main relative of the several was conceived. She was a young lady, whom they named Olga. Disillusioned at the assumption for a male, they before long went for the second. A young lady was brought back to life, Tatiana. She would be trailed by Maria and Anastasia. Individuals, who didn't see the value in the German Tsarina, were baffled. Four little girls and no young men. For some the confirmation of a revile. Notwithstanding, the fifth time was the appeal. 


Toward the start of the twentieth century, the hotly anticipated beneficiary was conceived: Alexis. Be that as it may, again mishap lingered over the family. The young man was brought into the world with an innate infection: hemophilia. Alexandra had communicated the infection, which she acquired from her grandma, Queen Victoria, to her child. Alexandra would consistently feel remorseful about it, and she lived tortured by the soundness of her child. 


The appetite and the difficulties of individuals were making a climate of doubt and question. Then again, the supreme family lived on the edges of what occurred outside the royal residence. They all lived stressed over the little tsarevich's wellbeing, which was kept mystery. To such an extent, that Alexandra Romanov went to a healer to attempt to mend her child. The healer's name was Grigori Rasputin. 


He figured out how to persuade everybody that he truly had mystical forces. On one event he put his hands on the young man and in a brief timeframe his draining halted. Given this, Alexandra turned into his reliable protector. However, individuals realized that this man was not perfect wheat. Various observers guaranteed that he was a con artist, womanizer, and unbridled. Be that as it may, Alexandra would not like to hear them out. The present circumstance further exasperated the pressure between individuals and the supreme family.

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