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A Fun Game With Artists Fenan Hidru And Mulualem Getechew

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Tesfalem takes motivation from the world inside him, his recollections, considerations, and emotions. He, for the most part, communicates them through self-representation, butterflies, flying creatures, fish, and high complexity symbolisms. "Painting for me resembles a visual diary. You expound on the things you care about or things that influence you every day, that is my specialty; just I utilize paint."

He trusted that he may have awesome highs when motivation hits, and exceptionally soul-smashing lows when things simply don't work out.

"I cherish exuberant hues, for me, hues are something to be thankful for. Be that as it may, in the event that I utilize them when I feel awful, I have an inclination that I lied. Since now and again, I don't feel like a vivid individual, I feel dull."

His self-pictures generally contain a lackluster Tesfalem, in a stupor or in distress, normally submerged or underneath unmistakable even lines that appear to separate his canvases.

For example, in one of his most loved compositions, the canvas is isolated in two by an outskirt, top with warm and base with quieted foundations. Tesfalem is attracted grays, his face enveloped by frayed texture and completely submerged under the outskirt. His hand, the main thing that stretches out over the fringe, is endeavoring to achieve a butterfly, just to be bound by a dull twine. In the meantime, a fish is inconsistently circumnavigating him; it nearly resembles a fantasy.

He clarifies, "The outskirts are not really geological or political, they speak to limit, particularly of the brain. On the off chance that my subjects or I am submerged in the fringe, it implies that we are sequestered from everything or smothered. The fish speaks to the brain, the reasoning, you can't see it yet you know it's there, submerged inside you. The butterflies speak to want, opportunity or expectation."

"When you shake something past a point of confinement, it will detonate," said Tesfalem, clarifying his most prominent pieces. It demonstrates Tesfalem's face in lines, he utilized a designed texture as a canvas. "I saw the texture on my couch, I loved the examples, and they were occupied."

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