What happen between jawar and Taye


Suggestive of this, the debut as of late featured as though we can't share a country practically speaking while at the same time being multilingual. This is a sheer frankness, in any case, and will be stopped before it's past the point of no return. Ethiopia today can be made the Males way, with just releasing of this tight federalism and empowering formation of solid territorial powers. 


The Prime Minister and his new gathering have imposing difficulties from the outdated OLF and newcomer Jamar Mohammed in his command post. 


The OLF is held precious in the hearts of numerous Promos. The OLF has a long history of articulating the complaints of the Oromo majority and their minimization all through the nation's history. They have symbolized the political, monetary and social yearnings of the Oromo individuals for quite a long time and, with this political race, political vindication is inside its grip.

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