Wolkait Tears Documentary Released!


In January, Sudan said an Ethiopian military airplane overflew its region, while Ethiopia blamed Sudanese soldiers for intersection the line and plundering from Ethiopian residents. 


Be that as it may, Sudanese political investigator Abbas Mohamed, situated in Qatar, figures both Sudan and Ethiopia couldn't stand the expenses of a genuine war. 


Mohamed said chiefs in Sudan and Ethiopia know very well that doing battle is counter-intuitive. There is monetary advancement in Ethiopia and vote based change in Khartoum. Any war would compromise the increases in the two nations, however the decision chiefs are searching for adversary to defuse the inward clashes. 


The boundary question adds to existing strains over Ethiopia's hydropower dam on a Nile River feeder. Egypt and Sudan say the dam would diminish the stream downriver and compromise their stock of new water. 


Dam seen as large contributor to issue 


Khartoum based political investigator Al-Fatiha Mahmoud said the dam is the driving component behind the strain. 


Mahmoud said the GED dam is the explanation for it and that question could drive the two gatherings into a clash and to sit together at an exchange table, however it has never come about in a war. 


Sudan and Ethiopia have invited an activity by South Sudan to intervene in the boundary question. Nonetheless, Ethiopia said it needs a quick withdrawal by Sudan's military from the line territory in return for beginning exchanges.

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