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The seven holy observances Penance, absolution, unction of the debilitated, affirmation, sacred orders, heavenly fellowship and marriage are important in the educating of the Ethiopia Orthodox Church.


Additionally, the Ethiopian Church lectures the five mainstays of Mysteries in which the congregation is immovably grounded. These are the Mystery of the Trinity, Incarnation, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the Mystery of the Resurrection. These Mysteries are considered by the Church as fundamental information for all and each Christian should comprehend these. Fasting is totally complied by completely sanctified through water individuals from the congregation who are seven or more. During lenThe three boards the committee of Nicaea on 325A.D, the chamber of Constantinople 381A.D, and Epheus 431A.D which admitted the Son of God and censured Arius' equation are totally been acknowledged by the Ethiopia Orthodox Church, yet the Ethiopia Orthodox Church denies the Council of Chalcedon at 451A.D directed by Pope Leo I which lectures the recipe of the "two qualities" against that of "one nature".


The Ethiopia Orthodox Church strengthens that all with respect to Jesus Christ ought to be connected with his whole individual as one God. Not to single out the "Human instinct" as exposed to hunger, enthusiasm, enduring, and so on, Properties bizarre to the human are alluded to his Divine powers as God shed blood, God was executed, God kicked the bucket, and God was ascended for the saving of all men.t; any meat and items creatures are illegal.

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