Seyoum Mesfin calls on Eritreans


The TITLE has just expressed there will be no exchange on political detainees, genuine force sharing prompting free and reasonable races and common liberties' responsibility. 


That leaves just a single thing for exchanges: Negotiate a leave technique for the TITLE guaranteeing a serene exchange of intensity without the legislative issues of retaliation and retribution. 


Obviously, the TOTAL will never arrange quiet progress. That is on the grounds that they accept they are distant; they accept they can utilize ethnic legislative issues to keep the individuals partitioned and feeble; they accept they can remain in power by making Ethiopia the slaughtering fields of the 21st century. 


The Proverb goes, "Pride goes before decimation, And a haughty soul before staggering." They said the Titanic voyage transport was resilient. At the point when it hit a chunk of ice under the surface, it went down. The Titanic TITLE will likewise go down.

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