Controversial crime in Addis Abeba


Throughout the hundreds of years, the pioneers of this station of Christianity firmly related to the Holy Land and considered themselves to be a picked people. This is reflected in the fanciful content of the Zebra Nāgas (Glory of Kings), which relates the Assume sovereign Takeda's excursion to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon. As per that story, their association yielded the future ruler of Ethiopia, Menelik, who crossed the Red Sea to guarantee his inheritance, conveying with him the Ark of the Covenant presently accepted to be housed inside the Cathedral of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Assam. That house of God was established in Azana's time with the foundation of the Orthodox Church. It is along these lines filled in as the spot for the crowning ceremony everything being equal and intentionally brings out its namesake in Jerusalem, the site of the Last Supper.tails.

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