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Familiar25 Things Women Wish Men Knew: The Secret Of What Women Want - REVEALED! Phrases come into view; 'He never puts forth enough attempt', 'he's consistently with his companions' and 'he never sees me,' however as is commonly said, young men will be young men. So we chose to adopt an alternate strategy in getting him to comprehend by making a definitive ladies' list of things to get (that we expectation will make things simpler for man and womankind). 


And keeping in mind that this is no exercise on the most proficient method to treat a woman it's a pretty precise guide into what is young ladies are truly thinking. Young men, whenever you've understood this, you will have THE KNOWLEDGE. Use it admirably. 


A few people think they should simply shock us once, and they're set forever, yet trust us, we're keeping note. Why not get our number one feel-great treat while you're on your way home tonight

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