Unforgettable funny sayings from different governments


In the wake of inviting us and in the wake of tuning in to President Albania's message and getting it, Sinai said to me "advise President Albania not to occupied himself with what is occurring on the outskirt, yet to consider the issue previously settled, Sinai added to me, "presently I need to converse with you about a significant issue which I was pondering for long. 


This issue is the eventual fate of the Sudanese-Ethiopian relations" Sinai said to me, including "These relations rely on, all things considered, upon the recognized individual relations among me and president Albania" This is the thing that ought to be revised", Said Sinai, adding it is important to change relations between the two nations to common advantages so that on the off chance that anybody of us or the two of us vanished from the scene (which means himself or Albania , there should be no negative response in relations between the two nations. 


At that point INAMI disclosed to us in detail the regulatory and sacred courses of action he made in Ethiopia, and he finished up his discourse saying to me "Your companion Sioux Muslin (the second man in the PDF and Ethiopia's long - serving pastor of Foreign Affairs is currently a minister of Ethiopia to China-His primary obligation is to advance relations with this significant state, particularly in the financial field" INAMI said to me.

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