The Pm delivers strict instructions to the whole nation


President Donald Trump signed bipartisan legislation Wednesday night to provide free coronavirus testing, sick leave, unemployment benefits and other aid to people affected by the pandemic.

AARP on Tuesday sent a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to take immediate and aggressive action to improve nursing home care, target financial relief to those who need it most, expand access to health care, lower prescription drug prices and other health care costs, and expand nutrition assistance.

The first clinical trial to test the safety and effectiveness of a potential coronavirus vaccine is underway in Seattle. Officials are also testing the effectiveness of a self-swab test for the coronavirus.

The White House has announced new guidelines for Americans to follow over the next 15 days to slow the spread of the coronavirus. On the list: avoiding groups of more than 10 people and opting for takeout and drive-through dining as an alternative to eating at restaurants and food courts.

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