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What do these three things have in common: an old baby shoe, a cow horn and a computer monitor? Well, they all have been used to make an innovative garden art in one of the forgotten corners of the capital.


Located on a narrow pathway along Ethio-China Street running from Wello-Sefer to Gotera, an unusual street art is on the display all year around. Bizarre and unconventional items are displayed across an old fence, each containing plants of different sizes and colours. Every day, the people passing by stop to look at the objects, and take pictures. “Look!” children tug at their parents as they pass by to go in and out of the nearby schools. Young or old, people passing by for the first time are bound to take a moment and admire the creative garden art.




And for those who have the time to linger for a while, Mesfin Nedaga, proudly displays his collectibles. The passion to collect old items and plant flowers courses through the veins of this imaginative gardener. His vertical garden comprises an extraordinary collection of repurposed objects. Shoes, bags, pipes, cigarette packs, stereo systems, egg shells, TV sets, hats, and tires.

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