Interview with Dr. Seyoum Antonios


To all Ethiopians, you should know this. Meet with Dr. Seyoum Antonios. The 21 arising movie producers will continue to the following period of the opposition where they will be expected to pitch their accounts to a making a decision about board containing the tutors; Nigeria's Femi Odugbemi, South Africa's Bongiwe Selane, Leila Afua Djansi from Ghana, David Tosh Gitonga from Kenya, and Jean Luc Herbulot from the Republic of Congo as well as delegates from Netflix and UNESCO who will go about as guides simultaneously.


The board will choose the last six movie producers who will get a creation award of US$75,000 (through a neighborhood creation organization) to create, shoot and post-produce their movies under the direction of Netflix and industry tutors to guarantee everybody associated with the creation is genuinely redressed. Every one of the 6 victors will likewise get $25,000.

No one knows whether huge number of Ethiopian housemaids get legitimate wages, prescription and care and thus, housemaids are the subject of misuse and brutality even inside Ethiopia. There is no lowest pay permitted by law set for housemaids and this permits metropolitan bosses to take advantage of their housemaids.

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