Breaking News Amhara Region appointed New President


Abby Ahmed was named head administrator after individuals rebelled against his forerunner. However, his own term has not been completely serene. The nation has been spooky by ethnic and territorial clashes which have asserted many lives and seen 3.5 million individuals dislodged since 2015. Since Abby came to power such clashes have been on the ascent. 


As indicated by the Human Rights Watch (How), 1.4 million individuals were dislodged in the main portion of 2018. That is a worldwide record, the rights bunch watched. As per the UN report, more than 2,000,000 were dislodged, while hundreds were slaughtered. 


During fights that ejected in October 2019, Abby's representative put the loss of life at more than 78, with 409 individuals kept. The dead included 50 from the Oromo ethnic gathering, the nation's biggest, while 20 were from the Adhara gathering, the second biggest. Five of the dead were cops. This was possibly the most genuine emergency during Abby's term in office up until now

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