Did the Amhara forces enter Welega?


At long last, the United Nations is by all accounts careful about Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) fear mongers gatherings. The UN Branch office in Ethiopia on Thursday unveiled that main 38 trucks that entered the Tigray district of Ethiopia since July 12 2021, returned. 


The all out number of trucks that entered the district, conveying compassionate help, were 466. It implies that the TPLF held onto 428 trucks. The UN office in Ethiopia called it "concerning." 


The workplace tweeted, "Concerning. None of the 149 trucks in the caravan that arrived at Mekelle Ethiopia last week returned. 


The Ethiopian Defense Force pulled out from the Tigray locale of Ethiopia toward the finish of June this year after the Federal administration of Ethiopia pronounced a one-sided compassionate help – a choice that had been educated by, apparently, expanding strain on the Ethiopian government on supposed grounds of barricading the conveyance of help in the Tigray district.

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