"We will not stop building dams or fill it with water" Dr Sleshi


The development of the African National Congress (ANC) as the primary African Liberation Movement with mysticism and Ethiopian ism was recognized by previous president Mandela as follows: 


"Key precepts of the Ethiopian Movement were self-esteem, independence and opportunity. These fundamentals drew the backers of Ethiopian ism, similar to a magnet, to the developing political development. That political development was to come full circle in the arrangement of the ANC in 1912. It is right now the ANC, we, follow the seeds of the development of our association to the Ethiopian Movement of the 1890s" (Nelson Mandela, Speech to the Free Ethiopian Church of South Africa). African - American churchmen who went to South Africa during the 1890s showed up when some African Christians were setting up holy places of their own. This autonomous church development was designated "Ethiopian ism"

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