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Etan desires to engage another age of Africans by making superheroes of African source that share African qualities and convictions. "My expectation is that through Jember and other future funnies, our crowds can discover good examples they can identify with at an individual level. Because of the absence of portrayal in Western mainstream media, which is exceptionally devoured by Ethiopians, youthful Ethiopians can regularly be deliberately or subliminally restricted in what they try to be. I trust our work provokes them to grow their creative mind. 


I additionally trust that our funnies permit individuals to consider the positive and negative parts of our way of life." says Beserat. A character in Jember called Mesfin cites Marcus Garvey "A people without the information on their previous history, [origin and culture] resembles a tree without roots." 


Etan faces difficulties arriving at a standard crowd. Comic books are not a typical narrating medium in Ethiopia and readership hushes up low. The far and wide accessibility of other entrainment stations like TV and online media compromise the generally immature understanding society. Comic books offer an engaging and exceptionally visual option in contrast to thick volumes. With more than 8000 supporters on the Etan Facebook page, the response in the closely knit comic book fan local area in Addis has been solid. Many are content with this fresh start and excitedly anticipate the advancement of the hero as the story continues in the accompanying issues. 


Fanuel Leul, 22, a visual planner and artist who has been a major aficionado of comic books, says Jember is an incredible beginning and anticipates other Ethiopia-roused funnies advancing toward shelves. Comic books are progressively turning into a famous mode for visual narrating and numerous youthful advanced craftsmen are wandering into the field. Fanuel, who moved on from Alle School of Addis Fine Art and Design, is himself chipping away at his own comic called Qedamawi, examining Ethiopian history and exhibiting the country as the 'place that is known for the daring'. The online media pages of Qedamawi highlight Ethiopian nationalists, for example, Emperor Menelik, Ras Alula and those that battled the Adwa war reconsidered as superheroes.

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