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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (HRC) Chief Commissioner Daniel Belle and the Commission's group visited the confinement office at the Federal Police Commission's Criminal Investigation Bureau on March 6, 2021, and observed the conditions and treatment of prisoners. 


The Commission's group conversed with a sum of 21 detainees held regarding the circumstance in Ti gray, including Dr Abraham Celeste, Ambassador Abby Wold, Ambassador ALADI Zebu, Dr Advisable Balema, Major General Gebremedhim Female, Keri Ibrahim, Kidman Nega, Zulu Gebreegziabher, Dr Solomon Zidane, Sebhat Nega, Tewodros Hagos and Major General Yirdaw Gebremedhin. ERC additionally had conversations with the police specialists. 


The observing mission tracked down that the prisoners are healthy, that the premises of detainment have both regular and electric lighting, that they are not very confined and that the general conditions satisfy satisfactory guidelines. Every one of the detainees visited affirm that they have been dealt with well since their exchange to the Federal Police Commission's confinement office and that the police act as per the expert morals. 


They have told the Commission that they get clinical treatment as proper, that they have not been denied family visits and contact with their individual attorneys. A portion of the prisoners have additionally said that the individuals from the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (NDF) have treated them well while they were in their guardianship after their catch and that the previous have even saved them from endeavored assaults and threat. 


Then again, a portion of the prisoners have set protests with the Commission in regard to extensive pre-preliminary confinement periods and being exposed to affronts, dangers, beatings and to actual wounds from shots discharged at the hour of their catch while escaping from Moselle. A few prisoners have additionally raised a regulatory worry of not getting adequate gathering time with their legal counselors. Others have additionally said their families are in trouble in light of the fact that their own and mates' financial balances stay frozen. 


The Commission affirmed that the state of confinement fulfills worthy guidelines and had productive conversations with the jail experts on the managerial concerns raised by the prisoners. HRC Chief Commissioner Daniel Belle has asked for a rapid finishing of continuous criminal examinations and for the snappy distinguishing proof of the prisoners who ought to be delivered on bail. 


The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DHR) said an autonomous guard dog of common liberties is arising in Ethiopia. 


Alluding to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ERC), the DIR said Ethiopia has an autonomous establishment that is improving its capacity to shield and advance basic liberties liberated from government impedance. 


The organization reaffirmed obligation to proceed with help to HRC in its endeavors to 


The political change in Ethiopia has cleared ways for a surprising autonomy of the ERC, the establishment commented. 


DIR added that the arrangement of Dr. Daniel Belle as Chief new boss magistrate in July 2019 and endorsement of the new law of the commission by the parliament in July 2021 alongside the change have assumed significant part in propelling self-effectiveness of HRC. 


Building up a solid and free public basic liberties' foundation is fundamental for the security and advancement of common liberties in Ethiopia, said DIR, vowing proceeded with help to ERC.

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