Ethiopian Airlines and the current Problem


Section two of the record contains the significant targets of the Coalition and has seven focuses plot. They are: A/Based on political race consequences of the three gatherings in the 2020 general decisions, to frame a territorial alliance government. B/To cooperate to ensure the political decision is free and fair. C/To together arrange material and money related assets during political races. D/To assemble endeavors to cooperate with different gatherings at national level that share political projects nearer to their own projects. E/To contribute their offers and work together to settle clashes emerging in various pieces of the nation and work with different partners to appear national agreement. F/To cooperate to stay away from political race related viciousness and misconception. Furthermore, G/To prepare endeavors to democratize Ethiopia's global federalism. 


Section three of the report contains subtleties on the different standing rules of the Coalition and has six focuses laid out. They are: A/Mentions the Coalition will have an ordinance containing the official name of the Coalition, working language, seat of the central command, and the structure of the Coalition. B/Mentions the structure of the Coalition containing the chamber, official board of trustees, secretariat, review and legitimate commissions. C/Mentions joining of political projects of every one of the individual gatherings that make up the alliance with each gathering as free element.

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