Breaking : heavy weapons transporting to border of Sudan


"We are exacting about our fixings. We utilize Ethiopian shallots rather than vigorously reared enormous onions. Everything must be custom made." Simegn said. She generally set aside the effort to guarantee the dishes tasted as she suspected it would. 


Her customers swear that she makes the best Doro Wot "her dishes are superior to anything I have had in one of the first class eateries, or even homes. I realize it's a strong assertion to make, yet I guarantee you, it's the awesome," customer unhesitatingly said. 


"My little girl lives abroad and I have consistently sent her a generous Doro Wot I for one set up at home. Once, I sent her Simegn's renowned Doro and she quickly got back to ask what I have been sending her the entire time. My own girl favored Simegn's Doro." She says it is not normal for anything out there. "It's far and away superior to the ones we make at home." 


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