Special Message by Abiy Ahmed


The representative for the Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Muhammad ALFA Suleiman, believed the Sahara area to be Sudanese, approaching Ethiopia to pull out from two focuses on the boundary between the two nations. 


Suleiman stated: "We don't complete this battle in the interest of anybody, and these are unadulterated falsehoods … We have not settled on a choice to do battle, however we reserve the option to open up to the last boundary point inside the region of Sudan." 


He focused, "We can do battle, yet the need is to a political arrangement and the choice to open up toward the east was made with the endorsement of the Security and Defense Council, completely." 


Suleiman invalidated reports that Sudan is being driven by an outsider for the military development, and he stated: "We needn't bother with anybody to help us to remember our power, and we are with recovering every one of our properties from the south and north, and this is one of the essential requests of the unrest." 


He called attention to that "the Sudanese Security and Defense Council is the one that suggests proclaiming war, and there is no presentation of battle on Ethiopia."

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