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Every day before breakfast, he waters his plants, snip off the dried leaves, and cleans the area. If he gets lucky, people who need help with physical labour call up on him for a job. If not, he goes back to his plants, and/or searches for new objects. “I never allow myself to sit idle; I ask myself ‘What are you doing?’ If my conscious says ‘nothing’ a sickening feeling overwhelms me.” 


“These plants live for three months in this container before I re-potted it into a larger item,” Mesfin speaks with great expertise, putting his fingers inside the soil to see if “the roots are too dense, so that the leaves won’t stop giving the foliage they are supposed to give. I have to take care of them, just like I do my own”. Part of the appeal of Mesfin’s work is his exceptional take on gardening.


“I feel like the plants are my children, greeneries are food for the eyes, they teach us patience and give us hope.”

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