Interview with Tolera Daba


However, nothing delineates the political truth of Ethiopia superior to anything useless political elites in the free world legitimizing the old Jim Crow period of the West they detest for themselves on the individuals of Ethiopia by remote control. It further shows, they are not free masterminds either on the grounds that they are inept or narcissists. 


That is the reason they live in elective reality out of need not acknowledge reality in regard to themselves at the costs of the individuals of Ethiopia. 


Narcissist are control monstrosities. 'In the event that they can never again control you, they attempt to control how other see you'. What's more, untrained by rule of law and truth-telling; they are clear and exude peril for society. 


Yet, blockheads have no temperance nor would they be able to be controlled by law. In this way, they successful instruments for narcissist to cause devastation.

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