Ethiopia's 'Destruction on the Church


On July 5, 2013, because of the military overthrow, General Sisi slice the path on Egypt to utilize the past choices, and prevented it the chance from securing halting the development of the dam in its beginning times. 


Rather than Egypt's adherence to the nearness of worldwide specialists inside the board of trustees and exploiting their impartial position, which censures Ethiopia before universal foundations, General Siri postponed the state of the nearness of these specialists, and Siri concurred with the Ethiopian Prime Minister to continue dealings without outside specialists in June 2014, which eluded the panel To a field of contention between the three nations without an unbiased assessment that isolates questions. 


On April 23, 2014, Egypt prevailing in regard to giving a choice in concurrence with the European Union, Russia, China and the World Bank, stipulating the suspension of remote financing for the Renaissance Dam, just as the suspension of advances that Ethiopia would have acquired for the development of different dams on the Blue Nile from China, Italy and different Countries.

  • Yanet

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