Message for the Government


Perceiving then the need of giving just institutional structures to supplant the current enemy of law based establishments and methods to guarantee the eventual fate of majority rules system in Ethiopia has results that must be completely expected. One of these, and not the least, is the disposal of the organizations that weaponize ethnicity and consequently subvert the long haul endurance of vote based system in Ethiopia. The three settings of weaponized ethnicity are: The Constitution, ethnic federalism, and ethnic ideological groups. I will initially think about the initial two, and afterward contend that democratizing ideological groups is the way that will prompt the freedom of the Constitution and the government state from the caponization of ethnicity and its abhorrent outcomes. 


First is the issue of the caponization of ethnicity in the Constitution itself. The historical backdrop of majority rules system shows that popular government depends on the law based idea of "the individuals", which is unified from the idea of the resident. It did not depend on the sociological idea of populace which is accurately what the Constitution does by pluralizing the Ethiopian individuals as the "people group of Ethiopia".

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