Why do Women look at other Men when they have a boyfriend?


For the reasonableness of equity, for what reason would men do this too? The appropriate response is shockingly comparative. 


They despite everything love the sentiment of being needed, when you are seeing someone realize you are needed and regularly that feeling gets self-satisfied and you genuinely don't get an excessive number of praises in a drawn out relationship. 


Being a tease or getting consideration from another re-touches off that feeling and lifts your own feeling of confidence realizing that you "despite everything got it". That you are as yet alluring to the intended interest group you wish to draw in. 


Men and lady like to be reminded they merit something and seeing someone that changes inevitably, on the off chance that you approached your accomplice and expressed "You look excellent today." your accomplice might resemble "What do you need?" in light of the fact that clearly the main motivation to be coquettish in a relationship currently is the point at which you need something. Be that as it may, when somebody plays with you outside, it is boosting and you realize you are not reacting with "What do you need?" however really getting a charge out of how pleasant it is.

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