Good Decision by the Government


One of the recent books in city reads "The hijacked Revolution”, I found it as a good read but was there a revolution or change in fortune in Ethiopia after all? For the ordinary people like me, one can simply observe the ever growing interest of China and America in the horn. But, the Chinese are wise and don't mix up things in offices which suited the developmental state followers in EPRDF and others in the horn. The economy was booming, and freedom of movement across the nation enabled ordinary citizens to invest and work wherever they get a suit.For relative new comer Jawar Mohammed, his extraordinarily successful social media campaign that captured the imagination of Oromo youth makes him, in his mind, entitled to a place at the table—and not as a junior partner. Initially seen as an ally of the Prime Minister, Jawar has broken free of any ties he may have had and is now an opponent of Abiy Ahmed. Tension between the two Oromo leaders was so high several months ago, Jawar accused the Prime Minister of attempting to assassinate him when the federal police arrived at his house in the middle of the night demanding that his security detail be removed.



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