New information about Tigray Region


The compelling previous news head honcho was not conceding blame yet blaming the public authority for focusing on resistance figures like him. 


Mr Jamar was charged close by 22 others and one media house. 


The charges identify with a rush of ethnic turmoil that followed the homicide in June of famous artist Dachau Hunters. 


More than 150 passed on in the savagery after the ethnic Oromo entertainer was gunned down in Addis Ababa. 


Mr Jamar, the 22 others and the Roma Media Network (OMN), which he used to run, are being accused of dread and gun offenses and telecom misrepresentation. 


The specific subtleties of the charges have not yet been delivered however they have been blamed for instigating the brutality. 


This was the principal court appearance since the charges were unveiled on Saturday. Mr Jamar has been held since 30 June.

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