What happen in London


A few likenesses are, be that as it may, saw in the garments style of Ethiopians. Their garments are essentially made of woven cotton. Men wear cotton pants and a white-caught, knee-length shirt. The ladies normally wear long white dresses of lower leg length with certain hues over the lower trim. The dresses are called Ayesha semis. Adornments are worn to finish the look. Ladies, both Muslim and Christian, ordinarily spread their head with a bit of fabric called band. It is attached to the neck. A cloak called nebula is worn by the two people. It is hung in various styles relying upon the event. While these customary dresses are worn in regular daily existences by the Ethiopians in country regions, those in the urban communities wear Western-style attire on an everyday premise. Customary attire is enhanced by them on unique events.

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