Prosecutor last Decision


The Executive Committee was directing its analysis and self-analysis sessions at night, while the Central Committee discussed the report at day time. 


The administration has been tight-lipped about the results of the people's criticism sessions at the Executive Committee and the Central Committee. 


The warmth of the Central Committee assessment of individual individuals seems to have arrived at its top on Tuesday. 


AZB Mes fin left the gathering in the midst of an analysis and self-analysis session on Tuesday, as indicated by Horn Affairs sources. 


AEB Mes fin is widow of Males Denali and CEO of the TPL parasitical EFFORT organization. She was one of the official individuals who cast a ballot against the report. 


AZB's exit could be taken as a significant substantial marker, beside the appropriation of the report, that the gathering has been serious in its analysis of the norm. 


As per Horn Affairs sources, the Central Committee is required to wrap up the gathering inside a day or two.

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