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A couple of years prior most Ethiopians were careless with respect to who Dr. Abby Ahmed is. Evidently, he was prowling as a part in Oromo People's Democratic Organization (OPO), which is one of the part gathering of the decision alliance, (EPF), apparently with developing impact and consequently power as of late. 


Presently Dr. Abby is known among youthful Ethiopians in the nation as a reasonable individual with an extraordinary intensity of expert articulation. He acknowledges solicitations to make addresses in occasions composed by youthful Ethiopian scholars and many appear to find in him a splendid individual with an affection for perusing and invested with an ability to explain his ideas. In the initial scarcely any months after he came to control, following the unforeseen acquiescence of his antecedent Hailemariam Design, Mr Abby lifted the highly sensitive situation, requested the arrival of thousands of detainees, permitted ousted nonconformists to get back and unblocked several sites and TV channels. 


He additionally finished the condition of war with Eritrea by consenting to surrender contested fringe an area, in the process normalizing relations with the long-lasting enemy.

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