The appointment of Major General Seyoum and the TPLF response


The political focus of Ethiopia appears to have step by step moved toward the southern and eastern pieces of the Ti gray district (the northernmost of the nine areas of Ethiopia) in the Post-Aksumite period. A couple of places of worship in these zones have been likely ascribed to this period, yet ensuing variations joined with the failure to acquire authorizations to direct archeological overviews make dating troublesome. It appears to be likely that houses of worship kept on being worked just as slashed (cut) out of rock. A gathering of funerary hypogea (underground loads) in the Hazier plain (in northern Ethiopia) may have been changed into chapels during the post Assume period. This could be the situation for houses of worship, for example, Abreha-we-Atsbeha (beneath) and Thermos Euro (the works of art in these temples most likely date from a later period).

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