Teddy Afro and Amlesh at Gondar


Afro's melodic achievement has been credited to the amazing messages passed on through his tunes. From empathy to mental fortitude and from pardoning to cherish, Afro has had the option to break imaginative limits that were beforehand immaculate. He has been contrasted with Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley, to a limited extent on account of his capacity to bring a political, otherworldly, and musical presence to his audience members. Afro is likewise noted for his work with other youthful and rousing craftsmen all through Ethiopia. 


In 2002, Teddy delivered his presentation collection Abugida, named after the "Abugida" or ABCs of the Amharic language. The collection launch him on the worldwide music scene, and immediately won him the profound respect of his kin and people from varying backgrounds all through the world. A few tracks specifically immediately got the ear of a large number external his local Ethiopia — "Halieselassie" an accolade for the late Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I; "Haile, Haile" a hit single to pay tribute to Olympic significant distance champion and public saint, Haile Gebrselassie; and "Mona Lisa", a proportion of human magnificence. The collection was named an achievement in Ethiopian contemporary music, and was republished multiple times. 


In 2004, Teddy delivered his best single to date, Tarik Teserra ("History was Made"), out of appreciation for world record holder and 2004 Olympic gold medalist, Kenenisa Bekele. The melody caught the feelings of the whole Ethiopian country. A music video was aggregated including film from other extraordinary Ethiopian marathon runners, and of Bekele's 10,000 meter gold spat the 2004 summer Olympics. All through the video, Bekele is alluded to as the new Anbessa ("Lion") in Ethiopian significant distance running, succeeding the incomparable Haile Gebrselassie. Bekele is shown a few times thinking back for his coach Haile Gebrselassie, who couldn't run the 10,000 meter race at full speed because of a waiting physical issue. The single raised Afro's standing as one of the best Ethiopian melodic specialists of his time, and elevated the arrival of his subsequent collection. 


The since a long time ago expected second collection, Yasteseryal, was at last delivered in 2005. There was a roumer that the Ruling party (EPRDF) is upset about this collection and was after Teddy previously. Presently there is an upsetting news that Teddy Afro is captured by EPRDF. Yet, one needs to realize that huge number of individuals including ideological group pioneers, college profs, understudies, common freedom activists, urban association pioneers, CBO pioneers are experiencing in Jails and the Arrest of Teddy is definitely not another information for Ethiopians with the exception of considering who will be straightaway.

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