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The last language to isolate was Semitic, which split from Berber and old Egyptian, two other Afro-Asiatic dialects, and relocated eastbound into far southwestern Asia. 


By around 7000 B.C. at the most recent, etymological proof shows that both Critic speakers and Osmotic speakers were available in Ethiopia. Etymological enhancement inside each gathering from there on offered ascend to countless new dialects. On account of Critic, these incorporate Age in the focal and northern good countries and, in locales toward the east and southeast, Soho, Afar, Somali, Idaho, and Oromo, all spoken by people group who might assume significant jobs in the resulting history of the district. Osmotic likewise produced countless dialects, Gelato (regularly called Atlanta) and Gemu-Gofa being among the most generally talked about them, however Osmotic speakers would stay outside the principal zone of ethnic cooperation in Ethiopia until the late nineteenth century

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