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What Happened At Gonder?

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Two mosques were impacted in Este town in South Gonder zone of Amhara neighborhood state around 4 pm adjacent time yesterday. Another mosque was ambushed and a couple of stores in the town were plundered.

Amhara nearby State Islamic Affairs has issued a declaration as for the event. Sheik Muhammed Hassan, the zone's Islamic Affairs Secretary, uncovered to Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA) that he doesn't believe that the event is moved by religion.

He rather views it as a plot by political forces who intend to accomplish hardship between people who have been living separately in concordance and affection autonomous of religious refinement.

"Religion is expected to gather a country, not to demolish it," Sheik Mohammed is refered to as saying.

He believes that political forces who fail to accomplish tumult abusing diverse strategies are by and by using religion to make instability.

The issue that completed into devouring of mosques in Este started in the initial segment of the day as breathing life into an outside shade in the mosque was in advancement for a wedding administration of a Muslim man.

Image of the Virgin Mary happened to be found on the ground close by demolished papers used for enhancing the shade.

"Since it was dark," continued with Sheik Mohammed, "concerning how the image was mixed with the papers or who did it, the condition was settled serenely toward the start of the day inside seeing people from the two religions."

By then, at the night the mosques were seared.

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